Beneath the Baobabs Festival 2023

Fri Dec 30, 14:00 - Sun Jan 1, 10:00
Beneath the Baobabs, Kilifi

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Every year, in the heart of a Kilifi baobab forest, nestled amidst a plateau 30m above the source of the Takaungu Creek, thousands of festival goers, performers, artists, DJs, sound and lighting crews, vendors, community leaders and wellness practitioners are drawn to Beneath the Baobabs Festival (formerly Kilifi New Year).

Opening gates on the 30th December, music plays non-stop for 2 days and nights, catering for all types of music lovers, from Afro-House and Electronic Music, to Live Music and Hip Hop, Ambient and Acoustic to Percussion and Drum’n’Bass.

Purchase your tickets. But know that you aren't just attending a festival, you're joining a diverse and vibrant community.

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Beneath the Baobabs Festival 2023
Beneath the Baobabs, Kilifi
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