Breakthrough Coaching - Heal Your Emotional, Financial & Mental Wounds.

Sat Jun 15, 10:00 - Sun Jun 16, 16:00
Savelberg Retreat Center


BREAKTHROUGH Coaching Program

– Imagine how your life would change if you finally dealt with the feeling of unfulfillment, Powerlessness, and limitations?

– Imagine how your life would radically improve if you could break all limiting patterns and mental programming and find your inner brilliance that makes it possible for you to live a life of zero limits. Just imagine how that would feel!

coachingMy name is Jeff Israel Nthiwa. I help people unleash their best version. You see my friend, every story has a beginning, mine started with a career with the Church. I worked as a church minister for Seven years. I met people from all walks of life, many were in search of freedom, love, true joy and wealth.

 Although I was a successful minister, I was in search of something deeper. Something that would truly fulfill my heart so I can feel I lived my full life with passion and that I contributed my all. It wasn’t until I discovered coaching that I felt I was facing my true north. Suddenly every area of my life transformed. It was as though my coach had turned on a switch that was there yes but was off.

From that moment I wanted to help as many people as possible to break through to their best version. This program is my best work and I guarantee you that it what you need to live your life authentically fearlessly and limitless.

coachingMy co-coach Carolyne Gaithuma has a similar story so joining this group coaching you are guaranteed of a lasting breakthrough in all your emotional limitations. Live authentically, fearless and totally fulfilled in your personal and professional life.

That’s exactly what the breakthrough program is all about – It is an opportunity to live your personal and professional life with zero limits!

Are you ready for your breakthrough? 

Are you tired of living unfulfilled average life?

Are you ready to live your bliss and enjoy a purpose driven life?

Are you tired of trying to please people so they give you permission to be happy?

Are you ready to break all your limits?




Despite achieving considerable results in your personal and professional life, you still feel an inner sense of lack of fulfillment and can’t even point your finger to where the problem is.

Your Passion is rapidly fading from the life that you thought you’d love forever?

You are no longer enjoying your work, relationships.




It is time to deepen your self-awareness. Discover your personal power. Find freedom from fear, doubts, over-caution, and perfectionism. Find the confidence to deepen your relationships and live a life of purpose.

Find out what drives you and what exactly you need to change in order to live the life you desire. Be the captain of your destiny. Join a group of passionate individuals who just like you can stop at nothing to live their best lives.

If you’re tired of living a fruitless, passionless unfulfilling life, then this program will give you exactly what you need to finally find your spark in life.

Find the breakthrough you need to live a life of joy, love, passion, and fulfillment.

Success Without Fulfillment Is The Ultimate Failure – Tony Robbins

The breakthrough Coaching Program can help you to:

? Realize your true north and your hidden inner brilliance!!

? Experience Ease, Personal Freedom, & FUN!!

? Break all your limiting PATTERNS and programs acquired in your past, CREATE your ideal vision, DISCOVER Your Purpose, live in a state of FLOW on a daily basis.


Breakthrough Coaching - Heal Your Emotional, Financial & Mental Wounds.
Savelberg Retreat Center
Muringa Rd, Nairobi, Kenya
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