Download your own QR code

Download your own unique QR code to share for people to simply scan and donate with their phones.

  Embed a widget on your website

Customise and embed a widget to collect donations from your own website.

  Weekly payouts

Keep your fundraiser open indefinitely to receive weekly payouts, or set an end date to receive your funds after the fundraiser ends.


Access your live sales, orders and conversion rate from your fundraiser dashboard at any time.

  Link campaigns

Generate unique tracking links to see how your marketing efforts are paying off and which platforms and posts are having the greatest impact on donations.

  Design & customisation

Design your page to match your fundraiser with the ability to customise a banner image, profile image & page colours.

  Customer Success team

Call or email our Customer Success team for help at any stage of your fundraiser and receive expert, friendly service.


We have an evergrowing knowledgebase of public help articles if you get stuck at any point.

  In-house development

Quicket’s devs are continually developing new features & updating our current ones. Let us know what you need & we’ll see what we can do.


We charge a commission of just 4.9% (ex VAT) deducted from your payouts, whether you choose to be paid weekly or when your fundraiser ends.

Donors pay a small transaction fee of R3 per donation.

That's it - no hidden costs and no sign-up fees.

Experience awesome

For more info, request a call from our team to get personalised support in setting up your fundraiser, or head to our knowledgebase to learn more.

Or simply click below to try the platform for free & get started straight away.